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Samuel H.& Lydia (Thompson) Mott

Samuel Henry Mott born October 1854 born in Surrey, England and died 10 May 1948 in Brisbane, Queensland.
Samuel married Lydia Thompson born 14 September 1849 at Manning River, Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia and died 7 July 1895 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on 28 April 1881.

Samuel and Lydia Mott had 7 children:
1. Samuel Henry Mott born 23 February 1882 and died 5 June 1928. Samuel married Grace Ellen Swallow (1888-1974) in Brisbane.  They had 3 children: Grace Ellen Mott (born 13 April 1908), Lydia Isabella Mott (born 22 September 1909) Samuel Henry Mott (born 17 February 1913).
2. Lydia (Lilly) Mary Mott born 31 August 1883 and died 27 December 1961.  Lydia married Henry (Harry) Joseph Brighouse born 17 January 1878 in Nottingham, England and died 17 December 1947.
3. William Edwin Mott born 7 April 1885 and died 29 November 1919 as the result of a fight on a Brisbane suburban train where he was the aggressor. He left a wife Anne and 4 children.
4.  Florence Jane Mott born 9 November 1887 in Brisbane and died 12 April 1968 in Brisbane.  Florence married Arthur Petfield born 7 October 1888 and died 20 June 1974 on 1 January 1912 in Brisbane.
5.  Leopold Joseph Mott born 8 March 1890 in Brisbane, Queensland.
6. Arthur Ernest Mott born 19 January 1893 in Queensland.
7. Alfred David Thompson Mott born 7 July 1895 in Brisbane, Queensland.

Lydia Mott died the same date as her youngest child was born - 7 July 1895.

The Mott family. Standing - Alfred, Samuel, William, Leopold.  Seated - Florence, Samuel, Arthur, Lydia Mott

Samuel Henry Mott 1854 - 1949

Lydia Mott (nee Thompson 1849 - 1895

Samuel Henry Mott 1882 - 1928

Leopold Joseph Mott born 1890

Arthur Ernest Mott born 1893

Alfred David Thompson Mott born 1895

Newspaper Headlines 8 December 1919.

The bearing of the case in which John Wilston (38) was accused of having unlawfully killed William Edwin Mott in a train between Cannon Hill and Guanana stations on November 29 was commenced at Wynnum Police Court to-day.

Doctor Dods. Government Medical Officer attributed death, to fracture of the jaw and haemorrhage of the brain.

John Alan Nichol stated a boy named Smythe tried to throw a cardboard match-box out of a carriage window, but the wind blew it back on to deceased, who thereupon turned upon the boy and used bad language. Smythe begged the deceased's pardon, explaining it was an accident. Accused smiled, whereupon deceased turned upon him and there were exchanges of bad language. After several times refusing to fight, the accused rose upon deceased striking at him. Witness described the fight, which they said terminated by the deceased who had previously called out "Oh," falling on his face on the carriage floor. Deceased was the aggressor. After further evidence, accused was committed for trial. Bail was allowed. 

The deceased was a married man. 35 years of age and resided at Bride Street, Wynnam South, and was a carpenter by trade. The accused, who is also a married man, lives at Wynnum and is a porter in the service of the Railway Department,
The folly of a Great uncle.

Lydia (Lilly) Mary Mott & Henry (Harry) Joseph Brighouse

Lydia (Lilly) Mary Mott born 31 August 1883 and died 27 December 1961. 
Lydia married Henry (Harry) Joseph Brighouse born 17 January 1878 in Ruddington, Nottingham, England and died 17 December 1947 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Harry Brighouse came to Australia with his parents Edward Joseph Brighouse (1854-1911) and Mary Eleanor (Cripwell) Brighouse (1854-1930), arriving in Brisbane on 20 January 1883 on the "Almora" at the age of 4 years.

Edward & Eleanor Brighouse had 5 children - Henry Joseph Brighouse (1878), Ernest Arthur Brighouse (1880), Francis Emily Brighouse (1884), Eleanor Ruby Brighouse (1888), Cecil George Brighouse (1892).
Lydia & Harry Mott had 1 son: Kenneth Edward Brighouse born 1923 and died 7 November 1923. Kenneth Brighouse was buried with his grand-parents Edward Joseph & Mary Eleanor Brighouse in Toowong Cemetery.

Both Lydia and Harry Brighouse were buried in Toowong Cemetery, Brisbane.

Emily, Harry, Edward, Uncle John, Cecil, Eleanor, Ernest, Ruby Brighouse.

Ernest, Emily, Harry, Ruby, Uncle John. Seated Eleanor, Cecil Brighouse.

Grace Mott, Harry & Lydia Brighouse (nee Mott), Arthur Ernest Mott, Agnes Nelson (Thompson family)

Henry (Harry) Joseph Brighouse 1878 - 1947


Florence Jane Mott & Arthur Petfield

Florence Jane Mott born 9 November 1887 in Brisbane and died 12 April 1968 in Brisbane. Florence married Arthur Petfield born 7 October 1888 and died 20 June 1974 on 1 January 1912 at Saint Andrew's Church in South Brisbane.

Arthur Petfield's parents Edward Petfield (1850-1918) & Mary (Mason) Petfield (1851-1936) arrived in Brisbane on 3 January 1888 on "The Duke of Sutherland" with 7 children - John Mason Petfield (1873-1948), Albert Edward Petfield (1875-1951), William Henry Petfield (1877-1904), Mary Ann Petfield (1879-1958), Esther Petfield (1881-1897), George Petfield (1883-1953), Henrietta Petfield (1885-1937). Arthur Petfield was born in Brisbane (1888-1974).

Florence & Arthur Petfield had 4 children:
1. Arthur Henry Petfield born 10 September 1912 married Elsie Emily Mylchreest born 24 June 1914 on 3 September 1937.
2. Ernest Edward Petfield born 28 May 1916 married Gladys Violet Nicoll born 25 January 1916 on 9 November 1935.
3. Colin David Petfield born 14 April 1919 married Isabella Campbell born 26 January 1916 on 2 November 1940.
4. Ronald Leopold Petfield born 7 July 1922 married Joyce Gilbert born 30 August 1924 on 25 July 1942.

Florence Mott married Arthur Petfield 1 January 1912

Arthur built the Petfield family home at Ellena Street, Paddington

Florence & Arthur Petfield

The Mott, Brighouse & Petfield families were joined by marriages.
Lydia Mott married Harry Brighouse.
Harry's sister - (Frances) Emily Brighouse married George Petfield.
Florence Mott married Arthur Petfield.
George & Arthur Petfield were brothers.

Arthur & George Petfield were builders and built many homes in the Paddington area. They later each built a holiday house next door to each other in Bank Street, Margate. After Arthur gave up building he drove buses on the Wilston run owned by his brother George Petfield and brother-in-law Cecil Brighouse.

Adults - Lydia (Lilly) Brighouse, Ern Petfield (son of Arthur & Flo Petfield), Harry Brighouse (husband of Lilly), Florence Petfield (wife of Arthur Petfield), Joyce Petfield (wife of Ronald Petfield) and seated Samuel Mott. Photo taken 1944.

Arthur Petfield drove a bus on Wilston run in retirement
Arthur & Flo Petfield's holiday house at Bank Street, Margate.

George & Emily Petfield's holiday house at Bank Street, Margate.

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