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Samuel & Jane (Mew) Mott

Samuel Mott born 1790 in Deptford St.Paul, Portsmouth, England and died 6 May 1873 in Belfast, Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia.  Samuel married (Sarah) Jane Mew born 1795 in Kingswood, Hampshire and died 1866 in Victoria, Australia on 5 February 1816. Samuel Mott was buried at Port Fairy Cemetery, Victoria, Australia.

Samuel and Jane Mott had 7 children:
1. Samuel Mott born 1817 in Portsmouth, Hamptonshire, England and died 2 October 1817 (3 months)
2. Jane Mott born 30 October 1818 in Portsmouth, Hamptonshire.
3. William Mott born 25 May 1821 in Portsmouth, Hamptonshire.
4. Samuel Mott born 1823 in Portsmouth, Hamptonshire and died 7 July 1906 Melbourne, Victoria, Aust.
5. Mary Couzens Mott born 16 September 1825 in Portsmouth, Hamptonshire.
6. Phoebe Mew Mott born 2 February 1828 in Portsmouth, Hamptonshire.
7. John Wesley Mott born 1832 Portsmouth and died 21 March 1904 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
John married Diana Sarah Jeves born 25 October 1829 in Lewisham, Middlesex, England and died 30 May 1912 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Samuel Mott 1790-1873

Sarah Jane Mott 1795-1866

Winifred Mott, a Descendant of Samuel Mott wrote a book many years ago with her recollections of the Mott family living in Port Fairy. An extract from the book is below.

Samuel Mott of Port Fairy - His background and descendants.
This is the story of Samuel Mott, christened 1792 at St.Mary’s Church Portsea, Portsmouth, England.  The background of his lifestyle in Port Fairy, Victoria, of his descendants who were born and lived there and of as many of his descendants as we could find.
There are several unmarked graves in one part of the old cemetery at Port Fairy, three of those graves could be the last resting places of (according to record):
1. An old whaler who died in the year 1873, Samuel Mott.
2. His wife, Jane Mew Mott, who died earlier in 1866.
3. His daughter-in-law, Alice McGuiness Mott who died in 1888.
Alice came to the colony as a young girl, married the son of that old whaler in 1850 and lived her whole life in the town.
We decided that, before all records of them and their children were lost we would find out all we could about them and put the result together, so that our children and theirs would know of their heritage. We believed that this would be a comparatively easy task, after all I’d lived with one of them for over 40 years, listened to their background stories; but, learning by word is one thing and proving it by record is quite another.  The months have turned to years.  What we knew by word was:
1. That the family had left France at the time of the Huguenot uprising.
2. The original family had been named De la Motte.
3. On arrival in England they had first settled in Norfolk, some in Sussex and later in Portsmouth.
4. That four names were constantly mentioned, William, Thomas, Andrew and Samuel.  John Wesley came later.
5. They were a family conscious group and still are.
6. That they were industrious and seamanship was a way of life for many of them.
7. We also were told that there was a castle and a certain amount of wealth.
8. We knew they were quiet folk who cared very much for others.
9. That the branch of the family in which we were interested came from Portsmouth.
10. Samuel Mott, having offended a lady, ran off to sea at an early age.
11. That he returned to England in the year 1816 and married the girl of his choice.
12. We had always been told that a cottage had been built in Port Fairy, for a bride, and Jane had come to a sandstone cottage, also that it was in the early 1800s that Samuel had first come to the area and that four generations of Mott folk, we were told, had lived at Port Fairy by 1880 and a fifth by the turn of the century; that there was a Samuel in each of four generations by the year 1880.
We had also learnt – with regard to the names of Mott men known to the family :
John Robert Mott born approx. 1710 died 1788 Yeoman Farmer of Plovers Barrow Farm, Clare, Suffolk, England.
He had 4 sons: Samuel, William, Andrew, Thomas (father of Samuel Mott of Port Fairy).
The name of De La Motte: Fouque’ Baron De La Motte – Romanticist, who spent many years in or near Paris devoted to literary persuits.  He was of Huguenot ancestry.
The village of La Motte is near Cambrai in France.

Samuel Mott (1790-1873) was a Shipwright in 1851 Census. In 1857 Samuel, a Whaler, returned to England to get his wife Jane. On 9 October 1859 Samuel & Jane Mott arrived in Australia on "Zambesi".
The National Trust now owns "Mott's Cottage" in 5 Sackville Street, Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia.
Mott's Cottage is a top tourist attraction in Port Fairy.
The Historical Society in Port Fairy advises me that the Mott family were not the original owners of the  cottage, but had a very long association with the cottage.
Mid 1800s John Hooper had a large family and leased the property at 5 Sackville Street along with the property that backed onto it. In 1885 John Hooper bought the house for 198 Pounds. 1916 it was a Boarding House run by the Hooper family.

Mott's Cottage in Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia - built in 1850s.

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